What to Do With Your Pets During an Open House

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Selling a home can be a stressful process, especially if you have pets. During an open house, it’s crucial to create a welcoming environment for potential buyers, but this isn’t always easy when trying to keep your furry friends comfortable! With some thoughtful planning and consideration, you can successfully navigate an open house with your pets. Keep reading for some tips and tricks to make your next open house a smooth sailing venture for everyone who lives in your home, not just the humans! 


Plan Ahead

Preparation is key to ensuring your pet’s comfort and safety during an open house. Start by talking to your real estate agent about your pet’s presence and any specific concerns or requirements for a successful open house. Coordinate a schedule for showings that works for both you and your pet, minimizing the disruption to their daily routine.


Create a Pet-Proof Space

If temporarily relocating your pet isn’t an option, create a designated safe space within your home. This space should be away from the main areas like the living room or kitchen. Consider using baby gates or a crate in a spare room to block off access without preventing potential buyers from seeing all spaces in your home. Ensure your pet has access to food, water, and their favorite toys to keep them occupied, too!


Remove Traces of Your Pet

Buyers should feel like your home is a clean slate ready for them to move into. Remove any signs of your pet’s presence, including pet beds, toys, food bowls, and litter boxes. This helps potential buyers envision themselves in the space without being distracted. If your pet is staying at home during any showings, be sure that these items are at least out of the way and are located in a space that will be easy for your pet to reach without bothering potential buyers. 


Last-Minute Showings

Sometimes, prospective buyers may request last-minute showings. Have a plan in place for these situations, like a strategy to minimize your pet’s stress during these spontaneous visits. If you’re unsure of what the best course of action is for a last-minute showing, talk to your real estate agent. They can provide guidance on the best ways to accommodate your pet during open houses and showings and ensure that any showings that come up go smoothly for all involved. 


No matter if it’s your first time or your 5th time, selling a home is always stressful. Believe it or not, all of the change going on in your home is equally stressful for your pets, too! If you aren’t able to bring them with you when you leave your house for a showing, make sure that you give both your furry friend and the potential buyers visiting your home all the space they need to have a positive experience!

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