Making Your Home Safe for Everyone

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Every individual deserves a home that is safe, comfortable and accessible regardless of their physical abilities. However, one of the biggest concerns homeowners have when tasked with upgrading their home to a more accessible environment is cost. While there may be some necessary changes that will be a bit on the pricier side, there are, thankfully, plenty of ways to fix up your home without breaking the bank, too. 

Open New Doors

Did you know that traditional, rounded door knobs can be more difficult to open, especially for people with poor hand mobility? Lever-style door handles are an accessible switch for any room! Not only will these handles make it easier for your house guests to open any door in your house, but they’re stylish, too! No matter where you look, you’re sure to find a style that will fit perfectly into the look of your home. 

Get a Handle on Things 

Grab bars and handles are one of the most basic changes you can make to give your home a more accessible atmosphere. The best place to install? The bathroom! Slippery floors and high ledges can make getting in or out of a tub/shower a bit difficult for people with poor mobility. By installing these handles, you’re giving your loved one something sturdy to hold onto while getting in, out, or even while they are turning the shower on or off. Looking for some extra stability? Consider adding a non-slip bath mat to your shower for extra grip on those slick surfaces. 

Brighten Your View

Good lighting can make a significant difference for individuals with visual impairments. Ensure there’s adequate lighting in all areas, especially stairwells and hallways. If a room is prone to a lot of shade or becomes especially dark in the evening, consider adding lights that highlight floors and stairs, too. This will be helpful in preventing any accidents or issues from happening as someone moves through their home in the evening. 

Though the thought of redoing your home to make it more accessible can seem daunting at first, taking small steps can make the process much more approachable. Take a look around your home to see if you can implement any of these changes to create an environment that is both more welcoming and safe for people who may benefit from small changes. Something that seems minor to you could mean the world to your loved ones!

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